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PM Chat, or 'Members Chat' is a members only way to communicate privately with each other.

Simply click/tap the chat box tab (bottom right for PC's, & laptops) or the speech bubble icon for

mobiles, and select "New Chat" to pm another member. Try it below - be aware that it is live!

Connect with other lesbians and women from the LGBTQ community within Cornwall and further afield!


  • Members chat is only visible on certain pages: on this page, on the events page, on the members page, your profile page and the pages therein: (About Me, Following, etc.)

  • Your conversations are completely private


  • You are able to invite multiple members to join your private chat (create group chats)

  • You are able to upload files and photos as part of your messages

  • If you receive a message whilst you are offline, once you log in, there will be a notification of the number of messages received 

  • It is NOT possible to delete messages sent via members chat

  • Be courteous to those you contact


If you have any issues/questions, contact admin


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