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The SapphicSis Choir is a lesbian choir for those who love to sing!

If you are looking to join a choir that sings in the traditional 'church choir' way, then this is not for you.

However...if you are open to singing songs from all genres, be it rock, jazz, reggae, R&B and more, whilst sometimes 'feeling' the music and the songs you sing by expressing yourself with animated movement (you won't have to break dance!) then read on...

You do not have to be an experienced singer, you just have to be able to sing, and sing in tune!

More often than not, and until we have a band, we will be singing to instrumental backing tracks.


Joining the SapphicSis choir means meeting others, socialising, having fun and exercising the vocal chords!

It is to be taken seriously however, as weekly rehearsals will take place, and to become a member, you will need to audition (don't let that put you off, it will be a fun and non-scary experience).

As we progress, it is hoped that we can share our efforts with audiences, - perhaps with our members (as an event), and after that, who knows!

For the time being, rehearsals will take place weekly in Truro.

(Address details will be given to choir members only).

If you would like to join our growing choir, click/tap HERE

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